Small Kitchen Ideas


The kitchen is the heart to your home. It’s where all special occasions begin. Where your mother spends countless of hours preparing delicious meals. So one must know how to make kitchen spaces comfortable and cozy. Specially if the space is small. Here are some ideas to make your kitchen extra special.

1. Make use of the center of the kitchen. Add a table where things can be done such as chopping, preparing ingredients etc. When not doing anything, get the clutter off the table and keep it clean.

2. Add some shelves on the wall. Make use of these shelves by displaying your best pots, pans and plates.  Shelves are also perfect for small kitchen to add more floor space to where a cabinet would be.

3. Create illusion of more space by having the right lighting. Under cabinet lighting or under the counter will be perfect!

4. Use natural light. If you have windows, don’t cover it up with curtains. Let the sun shine in!