All about the tiles.


Redesigning your old kitchen is a bigger work than designing a new kitchen. When redesigning, other features/aspects of the old kitchen cannot be completely eliminated. In this case, the new design should match the old design. Everything should be considered including the smallest details. Even the flooring is also important. The tiles should blend with the color of the walling or the main theme of the kitchen. Tiles can give additional life to the kitchen. It can be used for the walling and flooring. In choosing the tiles to be used, a person should be careful since it cannot be dismantled that easily. It is also important for it covers a large area of the kitchen.

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Pantries redefined

Remember your mother’s pantry? It was tucked in a corner, beside the refrigerator or in a cramped closet space. The family’s dry goods were crammed together on deep shelves in no apparent order. If Mom wanted a can of chicken noodle soup, she’d have to search among the vegetables, beans and boxes of Hamburger Helper.

Today’s pantries are coming out of the closet. As homeowners design their dream kitchens, they want pantries with ample storage space and easy access to those soup cans. Pantries have become multitasking rooms, complete with countertops and sinks for preparing meals or dinner party appetizers. Extra appliances, like a spare microwave or dishwasher, might also find a home in the pantry.

Kitchen functionality.


Good kitchens can have advantages in your life. First, it can encourage people to prepare their own food. With this, people will know what they are eating. They can control/moderate the use of oil, fats, etc. Cooking their own food can provide them with fresh and tasty courses. Second, it can help in saving money. If you have beautiful and functional kitchens, there is no need to dine in restaurants almost every night. You can cook a simple meal with your kitchen, thus, there is no need to pay for service charge, additional fees, etc. Last, kitchens can be the area where people can release their stress. Cooking can be stressful but is can also be therapeutic. How? The attention of the person will be focused on how to make a perfect meal, cake, desserts, etc. rather than on thinking of your personal problems.

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The Bottom Line on Fixing It Up

If you’re trying to sell your house, you’re probably going to need to grab a paint brush — or at least a phone to call a contractor. But as you fix up the place, keep a close eye on costs, as major remodeling projects rarely add to a seller’s bottom line.

Even a minor, mid-range kitchen remodeling project in the Washington area would cost about $21,000, and a major “upscale” kitchen upgrade would cost $110,521, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2007 Cost vs. Value report. That report seeks to estimate the costs of common remodeling projects, as well as how much of the investment will be recouped at resale.

Kitchen made from hell.


Hell’s kitchen, a reality show in U.S. shoots in a kitchen where people can move quick and fast. If you are planning to design or redesign or rearrange your kitchen, this is the way it should be. In Hell’s Kitchen, the crew and camera men can move and go everywhere. If you base your kitchen design to this kitchen, the flow of work will certainly improve. The ceiling is not that low, providing more breathing space. The proximity of the equipments and tools are perfect making it accessible to the chef. Heights of the equipments are perfect, enabling you to monitor the performance of your crew. Stainless cabinets are perfectly fitted and it is never out fashioned. All in all, kitchens patterned after Hell’s kitchen will not be hell after all. This well-designed kitchen can be a heaven made from hell.

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Kitchen Pantry


Having a walk- in kitchen pantry is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself and your kitchen area. A kitchen can easily be messy and cluttered because of the many things that are used in that area. So to avoid that, the best thing to do is to have a proper storage for things that can normally be found inside a kitchen. These include pans, pots, plates, paper towels, utensils, and of course, food. What is good about having a pantry is that this will give you more space in your kitchen and stuff that are not so pleasant in the eyes can be kept hidden. What makes a good pantry? Good organization. There should be enough shelves and pullout cabinets. And if these go all the way up, make sure that a step/ladder is within reach so there would be no problem taking things anytime.


Get hooked!


Claim shallow storage spaces and avoid stacking items or nesting them together. Not only is it dangerous (imagine pulling an item only to be showered by more), it’s bad organization. You won’t be able to see items as they are hidden behind one another. One easy solution is by the use of hooks. Attach them to the bottom of an upper shelf, or a rack. They make things visible and neat! Sturdier hooks for pots and pans on the racks are also a good investment.

Re-Finishing Extending the Beauty of Wood

sandingEverybody loves wood and all the wonderful stuff you can do with it. Wood that has good grain is usually varnished or finished to show its natural beauty. Though beautiful, without proper maintenance it can get ugly so take care of problems as they occur to prolong their life and looks. Waxes and other products work to add a layer of protection that helps preserve the finish.
White rings resulting from ill placed cold glasses by the kids or you can easily be avoided with waxes and other products. If the marks are too many and cannot be remedied granting you know the product used to finish the furniture, sand it down with fine sandpaper and re-finish. Wood has a warm nature that adds to its beauty and with proper care and maintenance you get to enjoy it for many years.

The Color Tug of War

Feel like you can’t decide on which colors to grace your kitchen with? Don’t worry, the final decision always lies with you. Some tips though, on making that choice a much easier one for you. Color inspirations for fresh outlook on designs are absolutely everywhere. You can look into different cultures such as Japanese quirky minimalism and the African explosion of colors to enhance your color palate. Metallic material would also give a touch of sophistication and cohesion to a colorful kitchen. You may also check out different artworks for added variety, pottery, clothes designs and sceneries. The choices are virtually limitless.

A geek’s guide to kitchen glee, Gadgets that make cooking a breeze

By its nature, cooking is a physical activity. Other gadgets might offer hours of music or videoriffic glee, but kitchen tools are usually a way to make really boring tasks a bit easier.
C’mon, when was the last time you took true pleasure in chopping potatoes? This year, I sought out devices that put a little fun in the drudgery.