Using Houzz for Your Kitchen Project

Bent on having a DIY kitchen renovation but at a loss where to start? Then what you probably need are some great ideas to get your kitchen remodelling project started.

One of my go to apps when looking for remodelling ideas is the Houzz app, which features houses of all styles submitted by users all over the world. This means that you will virtually find any kind of style here, from traditional to eclectic. Ideas are also categorized according to space so it’s really easy to browse through pictures of kitchens and get inspired with all the different things you can do with yours.

What’s great about the Houzz app is that you can install it in your tablet or just visit their website and login using any computer. And just like job sites that let you store your resume, you can upload your own remodelling photos to help inspire others and also save favourite kitchen ideas on your “ideabook” for easy referencing as you go about your project.

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Kitchen Remodeling Tips

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A Kitchen Design Plan Can Keep Your Renovation on Track and Within Budget Designing a new kitchen requires careful planning and a realistic budget. Putting together a plan with kitchen design ideas will also help you make better decisions when choosing materials and hiring help.

A kitchen makeover may be one of the most expensive and complicated projects you do in your home. Kitchen cabinets tend to be the most costly part of designing a new kitchen, and high-quality ones can costs tens of thousands of dollars. But if existing cabinets can be saved, your kitchen design ideas could call for refacing or refinishing old cabinets instead.

A good kitchen design can help fix the layout of your space. You may want to hire a professional space planner and kitchen design expert. A trip to your local home improvement store can also give you kitchen design ideas. Make sure that in the process of designing your new kitchen you get the features you really need that fit within your budget.

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Renovation


A prohibitive tag price is usually attached to remodeling kitchens that is why the do-it-yourself strategy is gaining popularity as compared to hiring remodeling contractors. Remodeling your own kitchen could reduce the expense by 50%-60% as compared to letting professionals do it. Just like any other project, remodeling commences with planning. Owners will really have to reflect though whether they can do
everything the remodeling calls for or if hiring someone else to do it for them would be better. The internet could offer a well of ideas starting from the appropriate appliances to the latest kitchen designs. Browsing through these will give the owner tips on how to go about it. Second, owners must make a kitchen lay out. If you are doing the renovation yourself, it might be a good idea to consult a kitchen remodeling expert who could give them the pros and cons of the things they plan to do and make the appropriate suggestions. An expert’s view could make the owner’s ideas mesh. The owners might be charged only a minimal consultation fee because he will only be involved in this phase of the remodeling.

Be thrifty!

Kitchen remodeling can be a little heavy on the pocket. Well, not only little, because it really depends on the kind of design you would want to apply. If you wish to remodel that kitchen of yours and add a Victorian touch to it, it may cost you a little (considering the frills and decorations of the Victorian era).


What you can do to minimize costs, is to go to thrift shops and look for vintage Victorian looking figurines and art decors. Thrift shops are a good source of cheap hand me downs. You can put that on the walls if you like or on top of the high cabinet where you place your casseroles. The color should also be heavy (like crimson or royal blue) to add a touch of drama in it.

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Make it Your Favorite

Most people look at kitchens with a different eye; many actually consider it to be the heart of a house. When deciding whether you actually want to remodel your kitchen area, keep in mind that this is where you’ll eat, cook; entertain guests and where family members spend a lot of time in. Make your kitchen an inviting place which would immediately put the people who go in it at ease. Remember that the kitchen is not only where the culinary activities happen, but it is also where your family and friends will get to bond after a long day; the kitchen is a special place, so put special consideration into it, too.

Materials for sinks

The most popular sink material is stainless steel and it comes in various sizes and thickness. Tip: Stainless steel sinks are measured by gauge and the lower the number, the thicker it becomes. Sinks that are 18-gauge or thicker they say is the most resistant to denting and scratching.

Cast iron or steel sinks can also be glazed with enamel for those who love color. They’re easy to clean but they are quite heavy so be sure that your counter tops can handle the weight.

Quartz composite sinks also come many different colors and patterns, and are quite attractive to homeowners who love color in every part of their homes.

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Kitchen islands: maximize your kitchen space.


Are you disgruntled every time you cook because it seems that you don’t have enough space in your kitchen? Maybe you cook a lot of gourmets that require lots and lots of ingredients. Good news. You can get a kitchen island for your kitchen!

The tables you see in the middle of the kitchen are what we call the kitchen islands. They are multi purpose because you can put the casseroles that you’re going to use there or perhaps the carrots, potatoes, celery, cucumber etc. (what kind of meal is that?!) that you have diced to be put in the “gourmet” you’re cooking. After you’ve made your meal, you can clear the table and put some plates for your guests to eat. That simple!

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Granite Kitchen Countertops


Nowadays, granite has been the top choice in choosing materials for countertops and it has a lot of benefits. In the appearance aspect, granite has a mirror-like finish that makes your kitchen stand out more with a classy, sophisticated style. Its hard finishing also makes it resistant to stains, scratches and heat. You don’t have to replace the countertop from time to time because it is long lasting and adds up to the value of your house. Its beauty is also timeless; you can use it to go along with any interior designs, may it be the simple kitchen interior or the luxurious, elegantly furnished kitchen.

Kitchen design mistakes

According to HGTV , here are some design mistakes that you can make when it comes building or remodeling your kitchen:

Do not work with professionals and qualified installers. Be sure that concrete plans are drawn and that these people know how to read and follow them.

Do not allow clearance for “extendables”. Examples? Cabinet doors, pull-out drawers, etc. We don’t want you getting stuck between the kitchen island and the cabinet.

Do not recess the bottom of the cabinet for lighting. Just so they won’t show.

Do not check configuration of existing electrical outlets. It’d be harsh to plug in your coffee maker and find out it doesn’t work.

Do not check counter overhang. Can the doors and drawers open and close without obstruction?

Do not check commercial appliances. The heavy weight may require extra flooring support or a new counter.


All about the tiles.


Redesigning your old kitchen is a bigger work than designing a new kitchen. When redesigning, other features/aspects of the old kitchen cannot be completely eliminated. In this case, the new design should match the old design. Everything should be considered including the smallest details. Even the flooring is also important. The tiles should blend with the color of the walling or the main theme of the kitchen. Tiles can give additional life to the kitchen. It can be used for the walling and flooring. In choosing the tiles to be used, a person should be careful since it cannot be dismantled that easily. It is also important for it covers a large area of the kitchen.

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