Kitchen design mistakes

According to HGTV , here are some design mistakes that you can make when it comes building or remodeling your kitchen:

Do not work with professionals and qualified installers. Be sure that concrete plans are drawn and that these people know how to read and follow them.

Do not allow clearance for “extendables”. Examples? Cabinet doors, pull-out drawers, etc. We don’t want you getting stuck between the kitchen island and the cabinet.

Do not recess the bottom of the cabinet for lighting. Just so they won’t show.

Do not check configuration of existing electrical outlets. It’d be harsh to plug in your coffee maker and find out it doesn’t work.

Do not check counter overhang. Can the doors and drawers open and close without obstruction?

Do not check commercial appliances. The heavy weight may require extra flooring support or a new counter.


All about the tiles.


Redesigning your old kitchen is a bigger work than designing a new kitchen. When redesigning, other features/aspects of the old kitchen cannot be completely eliminated. In this case, the new design should match the old design. Everything should be considered including the smallest details. Even the flooring is also important. The tiles should blend with the color of the walling or the main theme of the kitchen. Tiles can give additional life to the kitchen. It can be used for the walling and flooring. In choosing the tiles to be used, a person should be careful since it cannot be dismantled that easily. It is also important for it covers a large area of the kitchen.

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Color Your World

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More often than not, redoing your kitchen means changing its color to prevent it from getting drab and bringing more vibrancy to the room itself. It is an accepted fact that color affects our moods and state of mind because it brings back memories of a time past that has an effect in our present actions.
For example, the right color can improve efficiency, hasten the recovery of patients in hospitals or affect the passage of time. A room colored red may give the impression that time is moving at a snail’s pace while a blue or green room has an altogether different effect. Bold, vibrant colors like red, appear nearer, are easier to see and attract our fancy faster then cool colors like blue.

Pantries redefined

Remember your mother’s pantry? It was tucked in a corner, beside the refrigerator or in a cramped closet space. The family’s dry goods were crammed together on deep shelves in no apparent order. If Mom wanted a can of chicken noodle soup, she’d have to search among the vegetables, beans and boxes of Hamburger Helper.

Today’s pantries are coming out of the closet. As homeowners design their dream kitchens, they want pantries with ample storage space and easy access to those soup cans. Pantries have become multitasking rooms, complete with countertops and sinks for preparing meals or dinner party appetizers. Extra appliances, like a spare microwave or dishwasher, might also find a home in the pantry.

Kitchen lighting

Lighting is important in the kitchen. Not only does it create a warm homey ambiance, it also provides necessary illumination while preparing and cooking meals. If you are planning to change the lighting of the kitchen, the best is to consult a professional. If he or she can make a house call, the better. But if you decide to take on the project yourself, remember to bring a picture and the exact dimensions (floor to ceiling, space measurements, etc.) of your kitchen. When choosing bulbs and lighting fixtures, use the same color bulbs so that there would be equal tone and intensity throughout the kitchen.

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Cheapest Way To Change Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Design

Truth be told, renovating any room in a house can be really expensive. But there are ways to keep it as budget friendly as possible. If you are tired of your kitchen, why not transform it into a modern and minimalistic one instead? For the tough work, to have a completely different looking kitchen, you can try painting the walls and the shelves in the room. If you are not confident with your skills, hire someone to do it for you. The key is to have a uniformed look. The best way it go is to keep it either white/off white. The next trick is to keep everything well organized. This might mean you having to spend a little bit of shelves or boxes/organizers. If you have nice china, you can consider displaying it too. This is they’re of the same design. Example (refer to photo above) white plates and bowls look very organized and it’s okay to keep it on display. If your china has a lot of patterns, when put on display, it might make the room look cluttered. Speaking of clutter, the key to a minimalist room is making it simple and organized. Taking out items that won’t be needed is the way to go.

Planning what to do.


When thinking of the design of a kitchen, the budget of the owner should be taken into consideration. It can have class for a cheaper price (good quality need not expensive!). Products being sold for lower prices do not mean that it has no quality or it can ruin your design. What is important in kitchen designs is that they are multi purpose and can be operated easily. Kitchen designs can also reflect so many things about the owner. A person’s taste or preference and lifestyle can be manifested in their kitchens. Having a grandeur kitchen design may be considered by some as something chic, but what the person should do first is do a projection as to what the final outcome will look like.

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Small Kitchen Appliances

By adding a few small appliances to your kitchen, you can transform the time you spend cooking and preparing food into a quick, effortless and enjoyable experience. With an abundance of devices designed to make common tasks such as chopping, slicing and mixing fast and easy, your options are virtually unlimited. Choose from food processors, blenders, stand mixers and other units that can help you create dishes that look and taste great in half the time.

Cleaning Stainless Steel

stainlesscountertopUgly scratch marks on those stainless counter tops, get hold of some baking soda that you can mix with some water to make a rubbing paste that is mild enough not to aggravate the ugly marks yet works wonders with scratches. Such ugly stains is the bane of stainless counter tops, pots and pans that used to be sparkling but have been marred by scratches with daily use. Rub these stains away with a wet sponge and see them disappear as if by magic. Read More »

Your kitchen, your style.


Be a chef in your own kitchen. Experimenting with all the ingredients you have in your refrigerator may not be a bad idea after all. Buying modern/expensive equipments for your kitchen will give you the chance to be a chef in your own rights. Knowing your kitchen can be a step closer of becoming a good cook/chef. In order to do all of these, your kitchen must fit your personality or your lifestyle. Do not install things that you think will make you uncomfortable. If you think that you cannot handle using small sinks, then install a bigger one. Choose what you think will make your stay in your kitchen more fun. Cooking is hard but it can be done easier if you have what you want and need.

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